The Time For Change Is NOW….Can You Feel It?

Here’s the truth.  We cannot predict what will happen.  Our future is non existent, is it not?  Our past is nowhere to be found but within our memory banks.  Only this moment in time do we have.  Most of us are aware of this.  It’s so much easier to teach the “NOW” principle, then it is to remember to stay conscious of this moment and each and every moment.  Especially when the dog ran away…again!  The kids have colds… The bills are stacking up.  On and on I could go.  It is clearly put, that Life tends to “get in the way”.  Or could it be,  We get in the way of our Lives.  We forget because we are not so much focused on what we need to do, but more so on the, why is this happening?  Could this be?

So many topics are being brought out on consciousness and awakening.  There are predictions, calenders ending, cycles changing, weather patterns going bonkers.  Could it be as simple as taking notice to the trouble the World is in.  Wondering what to do but knowing your only one person and you have problems of your own to deal with.  Here is the deal.  We in these times need an awakening!  We need to Wake up and get up!!!  One person, One care, One open heart at a time.  Are we all merely sitting around waiting on someone else to fix it?  The big question is Fix what?  Oh, I could go on and on about the problems our World faces…so could you, especially if you watch the news, read the news paper or live in the world, you can’t miss it.  Something is usually happening around the corner.

So what can we do.  What could it be that would greatly impact the world?  That is a big question.  Most of us read an article or watch a news program and shake our heads saying, “Oh, how terrible!”  We then get up start dinner, or  the phone rings, maybe we even decide to pray about the situation.  What if?  What if we did something more?  What if we made a personal commitment to work towards being the best person we can be?  What if  every one of us pledged to live with integrity, character and mostly love.  A kind heart can save lives.  Many kind hearts can save communities.  Thousands of kind hearts can change the Country, and Millions can change the World!  Can You see that?  Can you see how this one personal commitment to strive for a better way, even in the midst of trials and struggles, that we can do something that will help this World to become a planet of light.  There is hope.  It resides within you.  I know this to be true.  We have a purpose here.  It is to make a difference.  To get up off our couches and get busy learning how to Live with Honesty, Dignity and True Kindness.  How to put others first.  To understand that if they win….You win.  Can we not see that?  WAKE UP BEAUTIFUL SOULS!!!   Wake up.  There is no better time to be alive.  We have the opportunity to make great changes that will serve mankind long after our visit here is over.  There is a way.  A better way.  One heart.  One life.  One moment at a time.  The choice is yours and the wonderful part, it can be done in One instant, because it is a choice.  Together we can stand as One.


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